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A Memory of Light
Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson
Towers of Midnight - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson I am absolutely stunned by this book.After reading A Gathering Storm, I knew that casting Brandon Sanderson as the man to finish this series had been the perfect decision and I had implicit confidence in him going forward. But even with that confidence, I certainly was not expecting him to craft the first 1,200+ page book I have ever read where I was actively upset that it was not longer. The culmination of the incredible number of storylines has been handled masterfully and without things feeling forced or overly rushed, and the style each of the characters has been imbued with (or rather, reimbued with after the disaster of books 7-11) made it impossible for me not to root for sides that were actually against one another.I have never anticipated a book to the degree to which I now breathlessly await A Memory of Light.