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The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time Series #12)

The Gathering Storm - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson Holy hell, I was not prepared for this.After the total disaster of the books from Crown of Swords on, I officially stopped reading these books about halfway through Knife of Dreams and decided never to pick up another one. The characters had been watered down past recognizability, the storylines moved with glacial progress and the writing had just veered off into tripe territory. But putting this book in the hands of Brandon Sanderson with Jordan guiding him in his last days will need to be remembered as one of the single best decisions made in modern fantasy literature. Sanderson took these characters and didn't just evoke what had already been there, but also expanded them and revived them as fully fleshed out people, recognizable from the progression of the prior books. Then, that done, he actually DID THINGS WITH THEM. This book is packed with so many heart racing, and shocking moments that it brought me back to the first time I read Eye of the World and The Great Hunt. That's a compliment I never thought to pay again.I knew Sanderson was great. I've enjoyed his other works in the past. But bringing this series back from the dead may be his greatest achievement as an author. I can't thank him enough.