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Why Did You Review Me?' Said The Wrestler To The Cewsh. 'I Could Not Help Myself. It Is My Nature.' It Said, As They Both Sank Into The Muddy Waters Of The Swiftly Flowing Lulz.

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A Memory of Light
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The Hero of Ages (Mistborn Series #3)

The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson Number of Brandon Sanderson Books Read: 6Number of Times I Have Been Reduced To A Great Sobbing Pile of Mush: 6I'll leave the reviews to my awesome wife, (who has a way of capturing the emotions of things without dissolving into flowery prose that I envy greatly and can not reproduce,) and simply say that I read all 1,300 pages of these books, spending every moment trying desperately to guess what the next twist and turn would be, and I failed. I failed big time. The ending to this book hit me like a freight train, and my mouth is bone dry because it has been hanging open for over an hour.