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The Pillars of Creation - Terry Goodkind Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series is utterly maddening.Following the first two books which I would hold up as two of the best fantasy novels ever written, the stories IMMEDIATELY became derivitive and dull. A big issue sweeps the land, Kahlan almost gets raped, Richard saves the day in the last hour because he's the only non helpless person in this universe. This was just awful in books like Blood of the Fold, but it wasn't until the Emperor Jagang story kicked in that the books became actively hard to read, all joy sucked out of the pages. So it was with great shock that I read Faith of the Fallen and discovered that Goodkind had taken a dramatic left turn and in doing so may have done his best work to date with the genuinely moving Faith of the Fallen. So I was all ready for Pillars of Creation to pick up where it left off and continue on from there.Instead I got a book about a little girl almost entirely unconnected to the plot until nearly the end of the book. It dragged, it had no resonant quality and it was most assuredly not moving and the choice to abandon his main characters for a full book with so many questions revolving around their well being was, while gutsy, entirely a disaster. All the momentum he earned with Faith of the Fallen was flushed and the books from there proceed with the same dreary monotony the ones before had.A completely failed chance to revive this series, this book is best forgotten entirely.